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The Website

In 2007 I was looking at the possibilities for a website. But what should I do with it? Setting up a website is easy, but creating quality content is not so easy. I’ll let you be the judge here. 🙂

Then I thought about what I really wanted to do. What I needed was to have a place for all my notes. And in case I needed the information, it should be readily available no matter where I was. That by using a website other people could benefit from it as well was a nice side effect. This website shows my own experiences with the different subjects. Especially my work with Linux will be featured, but also other topics will find their place here.

First I was trying to build the website from scratch, and although that would have been loads of fun, the work needed to do this would delay the launch indefinitely. So I decided to use an existing solution and my choice was the wordpress bloging software albeit with a custom theme to get a look that I was happy with.

I have however grown tired of the constant updates that needs to be applied to both wordpress and the plugins I used. That’s why I have decided to use static pages instead. Now creating static pages is kind of a pain but then I stumbled across jekyll. Now I just have to create either markdown or html files and “compile” them into static html pages using Jekyll and upload them. Easy as breathing.

The theme I am using is one I made myself. The ones I could find online just didn’t work out right.


Unicorn Fooling around with computers has been my biggest hobby since the mid 80’s. Like a lot of other guys, I started out with a Commodore C64 and worked my way through the Amiga 500 and 1200 to the PC where I’ve kinda been stuck since. That was in 1995!

Having finished a primary education as TV-technician in 1993, I worked mostly with electronics for 13 years. Alongside my work I took a secondary education as IT-Administrator that I finished in 2002.
In 2006 the company I worked for closed down and I was forced to find new pastures. In the following years I worked first as a maintenance technician at a large company. Later I came to work as a service engineer for a manufacturer of filling equipment in the refrigeration industry. (until end 2017). In the process I achieved a certification allowing me to work with refrigerants.
After almost 10 years I felt it was time for a change again. So now I work as a technical supporter in a hard- and software company in the wind energy industry.

Desk My first ventures with Linux started way back in 1995 shortly after buying my first PC. But I never really found a use for it at that time. Besides I couldn’t get the graphical frontend working with my lousy monitor. So my real start with Linux wasn’t until 1998 where I used Mandrake (later to be known as Mandriva and since Mageia) to gradually migrate from MS Windows.
But it actually took me four more years before I began to conduct most of my computing under Linux and only started windows for the few applications and games I wanted to use. That was the state of things for a very long time but time goes by and things change.
In job situations most companies use Windows exclusively and it’s become a bigger part for me privately as well due to me working with photo editing. I am lucky enough though that I use both Linux and Windows daily in my job now.

I am still living together with my brother in this rather big house that we’re trying to fix. The renovation takes a lot of time which in part accounts for the great timespan between activities here on this site.
Since I am working on a server setup for my home though I expect that at least some guides will find their way here. After all. The things the server need to do need to be documented along the way for the rare occasion that a reinstall is necessary.

Finally if you want to contact me you should try to catch me on Facebook or Twitter.

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