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  • LAMP and Virtual Hosts

  • Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

    Install apache, MySQL and PHP as described in the LAMP howto on Arch Linux Wiki.

    When you want to access the webpage from your workstation, you need to open port 80 in the firewall.

  • Torrent Multi User Client

  • Introduction

    There are several ways to make a torrent client that can be remote controlled. I've decided to use Azureus, as I have good experience with it. And it can be remote controlled.
    Some will say that it's not a good idea to run xorg on a server. Unfortunately I have no choice because I want to use azureus! I tried torrentflux, but It didn't work very well. Actually catastrophic comes to mind :-)

  • webmin

  • Installation of webmin on our arch server

    To have a more GUI way of controlling our server we will install the webmin interface. This allows us to use a web-browser for configurations.
    There are two ways to install webmin. We can use either the version in the repos or download it directly from the webmin homepage.

  • Arch Samba Server

  • Disclaimer

    Although I have made the best effort to make sure this guide works, I cannot guarantee that it will not break your system. Now you have been warned!
    If you run into a problem I will of course try and help you resolve it.

    If you find any errors in this guide I would appreciate it if you let me know about it. The easiest way to contact me is through the contact page found in the menu on the right or at the arch linux forum. I'm registered under the nickname madeye there.

    This guide is published under the GNU Free Documentation License.

    Some parts of this guide may be outdated. I will check it over when I get some time...