Barcode Scanner Emulator


Build primarily as proof of concept and because I found the challenge interresting, this little unit is able to send an ascii string terminated with a CR/LF via a RS232 connection. It’s emulating the transmission of a barcode and can be used with any kind of equipment that is expecting a barcode.... Read More

AVR Serial Programmer

For a long time I’ve been meaning to start working with microcontrollers. Even though I bought a STK500 development board a couple of years ago, I never really got started using it. Now I want to try again :)
For that purpose I bought the book Hardware und C-Programmierung in der Praxis. It’s a german book giving the basics on microcontrollers. You should check it out. That is. If you understand german… Else I’m sure there are books available in english that can help you along.... Read More