Hardware, Raid and LVM


This page describes the layout of my server, and how I have setup my Raid/LVM. Most of the install instructions however have been taken from the arch wiki, and all credit should go to the author there.
At the bottom of the page the references are listed. For deeper study/explanation I suggest you check them out!... Read More

Torrent Multi User Client


There are several ways to make a torrent client that can be remote controlled. I’ve decided to use Azureus, as I have good experience with it. And it can be remote controlled.
Some will say that it’s not a good idea to run xorg on a server. Unfortunately I have no choice because I want to use azureus! I tried torrentflux, but It didn’t work very well. Actually catastrophic comes to mind :-)... Read More


Installation of webmin on our arch server

To have a more GUI way of controlling our server we will install the webmin interface. This allows us to use a web-browser for configurations.
There are two ways to install webmin. We can use either the version in the repos or download it directly from the webmin homepage.... Read More

Arch Samba Server


Although I have made the best effort to make sure this guide works, I cannot guarantee that it will not break your system. Now you have been warned!
If you run into a problem I will of course try and help you resolve it.... Read More