Come inside and have a nice cup of tea. And while you’re here please feel free to roam around.


Linux is my main OS. And I can’t see that changing anywhere in the near future. One of the things that really sets it apart from other systems is the way you tweak it to your liking. I am not just talking about changing a few icons and backgrounds, although that is also extremely customizable. e.g. You are not forced into one desktop environment, but can chose from various ones including gnome and kde. My favorite for a long time now is openbox. It’s lightweight and the keyboard shortcuts are really customizable.
Another desktop favorite of mine has always been KDE. Over the years it has undergone some changes. In my opinion some changes were good and some not so.
Of course you should check all desktop environments available and see which one you find works for you, and go with it.

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of paper notes on installing different distros and applications and on how to perform different tasks with the system. Now I am in the process of getting all this information organized. It’s a daunting task, and it’s probably not all information that will make it to the site.
There is one big advantage with keeping this on a website. It’s readily available no matter where I am in the world, and other people can benefit from it too.


When you have worked with computers as long as I have, you will learn that there is no one tool for everything. It is true that I’m a Linux guy. And I still prefer running my applications under Linux. But that doesn’t mean that I am so narrow minded that I’m not able to use something else.

Windows is still one of the main players when it comes to cooperate environments. And it should be treated accordingly.
For this reason records of my dealings with Windows and the problems and successes that I have seen will also be featured on the site.

One place where MS really shines, is with the Excel spreadsheet program. Sure, as long as you only need to make a simple budget plan, you can do that with Libre Office as well. But when you start to build complex applications, then the VBA script used in Excel is really awesome.


Having an education as a TV repair technician sometimes comes in handy when I need a small circuit for something in my house or car.
From time to time I will include some of my projects here on the site. Feel free to use them for you own purposes, just don’t blame me if you blow up your home 🙂


It’s almost a shame the way the world is nowadays. You need to be on your toes all the time to keep the “bad guys” out of your systems.
Lately I feel that it has gotten worse. Especially if you run your own mail server. Even on this blog it’s been necessary to enable 2-factor authentication, just because some people have no honor and can’t create anything for themselves.

So in lieu with recent events, various safety tips will most definitely find their way to this site. I will give my view on different aspects of security, be it on workstations or servers.

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